Time is running faster, but I’m keeping pace

I had a great run late this evening, but the clock still seems to be catching up. Can’t you tell?

I advanced in age by another year this week. I was told (on 9/11 no less) that my nice contract job as a copy editor is apparently going to be terminated at the end of the month. I have few savings. New York unemployment benefits aren’t, um, the best. And I still can’t get the focus and energy to complete a number of big personal projects I undertook since last year.

But I still feel great.

I can’t outrun time, no one can, but I think I’m giving it a race. Despite the aforementioned downers, I have found an amazing new community of friends that prevents me from becoming that weird, single friend who might have to hang off the scraps of companionship from some of his married-with-children friends with their busy lives. I still have open doors and possibilities in front of me, an absolute privilege in a modern America with shrinking goals for its middle class. I can still run instead of walk most of the time, and find myself in the best shape I’ve been in since my early 20s (in some ways better! I couldn’t do a pull-up then to save my life). My projects are still viable, and the Internet is the greatest invention for nerds like me, in the whole history of world, to get this stuff done.

I may have a minor problem with my left ear, but hey, if I don’t find a job with benefits, maybe Obamacare will work out for me. Everything’s coming up Mike!

It’s Friday the 13th, and though I’m not superstitious at all, at this point, I’m feeling lucky. Bring on the autumn!

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