Of Jerk Chicken and Jerks

So, funny thing, I was in a Whole Foods this Wednesday evening. Not my typical haunt, but it passed the time nicely as I was waiting for an event to begin a little later. There are certainly a huge selection of prepared food items to choose from, but I noticed a small kiosk near the salad bar stuff. It was for “Caribbean Tacos”.

I wasn’t actually in the mood, though it did seem enticing (and I love mango salsa). However, another guy comes up to the stand as I’m looking, and decides to say out loud “Caribbean tacos? That’s just wrong!” He shook his head and stared for a bit. Then he decides to say “I’m from the Caribbean and that’s not right,” and, “sorry,” in a sort of smirk-filled apology to the lady behind the counter. She smiled and nodded, of course.

What he said wasn’t that offensive, obviously. Just someone stating a preference for the type of food he’ll eat. But it definitely annoyed me that he had to make a show of it, especially in a store full of mash-ups of ethnic cuisines. I wonder if he does that for every food item he thinks is strange. “Korean burritos?? BARBECUE SUSHI????”

Thus, I decided to order a grilled jerk chicken taco pretty much out of spite toward a stranger who was already gone and probably couldn’t have cared less had he been around. Proof that I let my pet peeves about people’s behavior make rash decisions for me.

But at least in this case, it turned out to be a delicious impulse.

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